21.4.13 | By: Lee Tsubasa


The story follows the school life of three girls, Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui in the Data Processing Club.

Cute girls doing cute things~

It sticks pretty close to the manga art-style for the character design. However this also means it has the same eccentricity in the design as the manga. Some may not find them really that "moe". It will depend on how they like the story and the character interaction when they actually get to see the show.

Can't help thinking the title can be an abbreviation of YuruYuriShiki. Yui is there. Chinatsu is there. And it is girls interacting among themselves. I can even feel a bit of Kill Me Baby, Lucky Star and A-Channel in there. Well, because of these reasons, I am happy :-) The character design may need some getting used to though, but I am fine with it so far.


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